Prayer of Deliverance

God’s Word tells us to duplicate the ministry of Jesus, to preach the Word, to heal the sick, and to cast out devils. Thank God for those who are preaching the Word today. Very few practice casting out of devils—it’s almost a lost art in Christendom. In fact it seems to be a taboo area in most churches today. We believe this is an area of much sensationalism. Many faithful Christians want nothing to do with casting out devils. We must remember God gave the assignment and someone must go forth and do His will.


Personal embarrassment and simply “not knowing what to do” has kept this area of ministry out of the main stream of churches. It has been relegated to personal homes or out of the way areas. We believe it is time for the Body of Christ to step up to the forefront and take the right position. That position is to do all that the Word of God commands us to do. It is time for us to step into every area of ministry.


We believe very strongly in the power of prayer for individuals and also for businesses. You’re in a battle and you must know your enemy, understand his tactics and recognize the battlefield in order to strategize effectively. The enemy of your soul does not want you to prosper because then the kingdom will prosper. We believe the power of Jesus can set you free from past pain, generational issues and strongholds.


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